FREE seminars are provided to all of our customers on a variety of topics -  Skin Care, Machines, Equipment.


- Thermoceutical Skin Care Line - product of South Korea, KFDA approved, this line caters to the needs of regular and medical esthetics. This seminar introduces the products and active ingredients of the line. Further information, detailed training and demos are available in our Certificate classes on Thermoceutical Fruit Acid Peels and Thermoceutical Coral Calcium Peel. Please check our Certificate Courses section.


- 808 Diode LASER for Hair Removal

- DeTattoo Nd:YAG for Tattoo Removal and Carbon Hollywood Peel

- IPL machines - Application and use  - E-Light and IPL DermaClear Light

- HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound

- HydraFacials with AquaClean/mini, AquaPlus, Jet Peel

- MicroPower Mesogun - needle free RF applications

- Slimming Solutions with LipoLASER, iCurve cryolipolysis and RU5

- Omega Oxygen Injection