Aciderm Line SET: Foamgel + Toner + Spotgel  + Cream
A Set of 4 ItemsAnti-bacterial; Anti-InflammatoryThe products you need to address skin oiliness and ..
Acless Peel #1 for Oily Skin
50ml SolutionAnti-Inflammatory, Anti-bacterial, Sebaceous control, Hydrating, Antioxidant ..
Ageless Peel #3 for Anti-Aging
100ml Anti-Aging - Intensive peel for photo-aging skin, pigmented imperfections, lines and wrinkles...
Aqua Boost - ALPHA Booster
Skin de-keratinizing effectBased on Lactic Acid, it gently exfoliates the skin and removes impuritie..
Aqua Boost - BETA Booster
Based on Salicylic Acid and Phyto Sulfur, this solution targets and destroys bacteria and addresses ..
Aqua Boost - GAMMA Solution
Rejuvenating & Moisturizing effectContains: Polyglutamic Acis, GAGs, Copper Peptides, Prote..
Aqua Boost - Set 3 bottle
1 bottle of each booster/solution - Alpha, Beta, GammaAll three solutions you need for your Hydra/Aq..
Aqua Easy Gel Masque + Powder-Blue (Hydrating)
Gel Base(1.6kg) and Mask Powder(150gr)Hydrating Effect- Soothes and alleviates flushed skin- Cooling..
Aqua Easy Gel Masque + Powder-Green (Oily, Acneic)
Gel Base(1.6kg) and Mask Powder(150gr)Oily, acneic skin- Based on Phyto Sulfur, it has an effective ..
Aqua Easy Gel Masque + Powder-Orange (Whitening)
Marine Algae Peel-off Gel Masque1.6kg (gel base)  and 150gr(masque powder)- Antioxidant- Whiten..
Aqua Easy Gel Masque + Powder-Pink (Anti-Aging)
Gel Base(1.6kg) and Mask Powder(150gr)- Anti-aging and desensitizing- Promotes healing- Regenerating..
Brightening Blemish Contour
50ml- Strengthens skin elasticity- Hydrating- Strong whitening effectINGREDIENTS:- Arbutin - whiteni..
Bubble C Snow #4 (Vitamin C)
50 sachet/3gr eachSkin Regeneration, AntioxidantIngredients: Vitamin C- Ascorbic Acid powderFor best..
Cellular Brightening Cream
250gr- Lightening/Fading effect- Whitening- Nourishing- HydratingINGREDIENTS:-   &nbs..
Cellular Brightening Cream
50mlBrightening, Whitening, Antioxidant, Hydrating, RepairingBased on:-     ..
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