Super Skin analyzer
One of the most difficult steps in providing the perfect treatment for a client is the proper diagn..
808 Diode Non Channel LASER
Diode 808 Non Channel LASER is a new diode technology which makes treatments practically painless ..
808 Diode Non Channel LASER - Portable
Diode 808 Non Channel LASER is a new diode technology which makes treatments practically painle..
Acacia - Acne CREAM
Formulated to destroy bacteria, this cream is a great complement to the Acacia Acne Therapy. The cre..
Acacia - Acne Therapy
Acacia Acne Therapy equipment is designed to destroys diseased and damaged sebaceous glands without..
ACACIA C O M B O - Acacia Machine, Petit LUX LED Lamp and Acacia Cream
This combo includes:Acacia MachineAcaia CreamPetit LUX LED Lamp..
Aqua Clean MINI
A new generation of machines - gentler than Crystal or Diamond Microdermabrasion, as it uses the ge..
Aqua Plus
Designed as a Hydra Facial idea, to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, this machine goes steps further..
CO2 Fractional Laser System
DL-CO2 DL-2038-CO2..
COOL CURVES - iFreeze Body Sculpting - 5 pieces
Cool sculpting technique for effective fat reductionIncludes 5th piece for under-chin fat reduction..
DeTattoo Pro - Q-Switch ND Yag Laser
 Nd: YAG, or as its full name goes, Neodymium-doped Yttrium Aluminum Ga..
Electroporation Needle (EPN) is a new therapy to rejuvenate the skin and scalp by using micro need..
Eye Care
The Eye Care machine has been designed to improve the eye area - reduce and eliminate lines and wri..
Hydrogen Hydradermabrasion , 6-in -1system
Hydrodermabrasion with Hydrogen generatot for perfect and flawless skin..
iFREEZE CryoLipolysis Cool Sculpting -Floor Model
Cryolipolysis, also commonly referred to as Cool Sculpting, is a medical modal..
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