Derma Roller System
 Derma Roller System is used for skin rejuvenation, de-pigmentation, scar-reduction, pore minim..
 Super Skin analyzer
One of the most difficult steps in providing the perfect treatment for a client is the proper diagn..
(By order) 4-in-1 Function Machine
4 in 1 Function Machine, including:- Steamer- Ultrasound- High Frequency- Magnifying Lamp..
(By order) Autoclave
AutoclaveAntibacterial, disinfecting - pressurized steam destroys germs Made in UK..
(By order) Facial Steamer+High Frequency
Facial Steamer with Ozone and Timer AND High Frequency with 3 Electrodes..
(By order) Paraffin Heater - Large (QPS)
Paraffin Heater - Large (QPS)..
(By order) Towel Warmer with UV light
Towel Warmer with UV light- 1 Dozen face towels capacity (QPS)..
120-Crystals  50lb
Micro Crystals - 120-Crystals  50lbUSACorundum Crystals for your Microdermabrasion Systems..
120-Crystals 4lb
120-Crystals 4lb USA. Corundum Crystals for your Microdermabrasion Systems...
2-Function - Galvanic and High Frequency  Machine
2-Function - Galvanic and High Frequency  Machine..
3D Magnifying Lamp with 80 LEDs
3 Diopter Magnifying Lamp with 80 LEDs..
4-Function Beauty Machine with Lifting Function
4-Function Beauty Machine with Lifting Function..
5-Function Beauty System with Rotary Brush
5-Function Beauty System with Rotary Brush..
5D Magnifying Lamp with 80 LEDs
5 Diopter Magnifying Lamp with 80 LEDsProvides higher magnification and brightness than the reg..
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