Product Code: FB-APL

Designed as a Hydra Facial idea, to cleanse, exfoliate and hydrate, this machine goes steps further – it oxygenates the skin, stimulates and firms it up, and lifts with its Microcurrent attachments!


In ‘Mode I’ - Use ThermoCeutical* Skin Exfoliating and Cleansing Aqua α Booster, based on Lactic Acid, Amino Acid Complex and Urea

In ‘Mode II’ – Use the Pore Cleansing Aqua β Booster – based on Salicylic Acids, and MGM

In ‘Mode III’ – Hydrate the skin with our Aqua ¥ Booster – Based on r-PGA growth Factors, Copper Peptides and Phyto - Callus Complex

‘Mode IV’ – clean up function

Micro currents function includes 2 pieces – A Lifting piece for working on facial muscles and an Electroporation one – for penetration of products and skin stimulation

Oxygenating Booster gun to infuse the skin with fresh oxygen


* Thermoceutical skin care line from South Korea – Medical Grade product, sold exclusively at Fion Beauty